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scanninng services 50% off. Act now.

Convert VHS Tapes to DVD - 120 Minutes $15.00
Covert your VHS movies to DVD before they degrade. VHS media degrades over time and at some point will not be viewable or tapes will break. DVD can last 100 years without degrading.

Photos Converted to Digital Photos - CD/DVD
$20 for first 50 photos $10 for each additional 25 photos.
Add $0.30 per photo for scanning existing photos Scanning Services Photo and negative scans will be only as good as original photo or negative. If they are heavily scratched we can repair negative/photos for additional fee. This is a labor intensive procedure but our fees are fair. If photos/negatives are very heavily damaged, they will be greatly improved but could still have some flaws. Photos and negatives will be returned intact. We will also accept photos e-mailed to us.

Positive Photo Scans
Your photos are scanned a resolution of 300 dpi at 16 million colors. The scans are saved in a jpg file format. All the photos are saved to CD. First CD is free, additional CD’s $3.00 each.

Photo Album Scanning
20 Pages $35.00
Additional Pages $1.25 (Per Page)

What is 300 DPI? 300 dpi is a high quality standard for most printing applications, and ensures that each scan retains the look of the original. Scanning prints at 300 dpi allows for an excellent reproduction at a
manageable size.

DVD Slide Show with music & transitions
DVD Slideshows can be created from photos which are supplied by you or from our professional scanned photo service.

Your scanned photos or negatives. 1-50 photos $75.00
Client supplied digital photos 1-50 photos $50.00

We had Jo convert our "Have Gun Will Travel"  series to DVDs for us with the exception of a few very worn out tapes and their age they turned out very well.  She pointed out any problems she found and asked for our input before preceding.  Joe & Dorma Hedrick, Norfolk, VA

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